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SoundPractice Sound Therapy 

What is sound healing? 

Sound healing is the therapeutic application of sound frequencies to the body/mind of a person with the intention of bringing them into a state of harmony and health.

Sound Healing can be transmitted to a person in a number of ways:-

  • Through using their own voice

  • Through using their voice with other voices

  • Through using their own voice while listening to music

  • Through listening to another person's voice or a number of voices

  • Through listening to an instrument or instruments

  • Through listening to music or sound through a loudspeaker or through headphones

What happens in a session

When you arrive for the first session I will take a case history and ask about your reasons for attending. You can choose between voice healing or a tuning fork tune up. In some instances I will recommend one particular therapy. Both therapies use voice and tuning forks but the dominant healing modality changes. When you are ready I will ask you to lie down on a coach. You remain fully clothed for both sessions. I will ask for healing for your highest good and then scan your body using sound. I will tune in and then start the healing process using either voice or tuning forks or a blend. There will be a period of silence towards the end of the session to let the vibrations settle into your body and for you to feel the benefits. I will close the session with a grounding and give thanks for the healing. I will ask you to share your experiences and give you a glass of water. Sometimes people can be a little shaky after a session so I will make sure you are fully back to normal before you leave. 

Why is sound healing effective? 

Lots of information can be found on the College of Sound Healing website and I will give you a hand out when you come for a session. But I believe that sound and vibration have a direct effect on the body at a cellular level. Sound also affects mood and spiritual practices such as chanting defintely use sound to promote a higher state of being. 

More Information

I recommend a block of at least three sessions for maximum benefit. The cost of a session reflects my investment in training and equipment as well as industry standards. One hour session is £40 - a block of three sessions can be booked at a cost of £100 but dates must be pre-booked with no refunds for cancellations although appointments can be moved with twenty four hours notice. 

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