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SoundPractice Inner Dance 

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What is Inner Dance?

Inner Dance is a practice that originated in the Phillipines. The founder of Inner Dance used music to heal. He matched music to brainwaves to create a sound journey which allows for deep processing and healing. He talks about it in this video - 

Katie Holland trained with Pi in the Phillipines and brought the training to the UK in 2015. I was able to take part in the first training in the UK and have been facilitating sessions regularly since then. 

For me Inner Dance has been the most transformational practice creating change at a profound level in my life. It is a difficult process to explain but I often describe it as lucid dreaming - the music takes me on a journey and I often experience very vivid dream like sequences as part of this journey. 

What happens in a session? 

You will arrive into the space. You may be asked to share what has brought you to the session and what you hope to get from it. You will be encouraged to lie down in a comfortable position - many people like to cover up with a blanket and have a pillow for the head. I will use words to encourage you to relax and start to play music. At times during the session I will touch you. This touch is intended to help move energy and to continue your journey in the process. I will use breath and instruments and words to take you deeper into the process. The journey will last for about an hour and a half. At the end of the journey I will bring you back into the spaceand help you ground and settle. I will encourage you to share your experiences. I will make sure that you are fully back in the body and safe before we leave. 

What happens after a session?

You need to drink plenty of fluid and eat something stodgy - chips are perfect! Some people feel very energised and others less so. You may find emotions surface for some time after the event. People often experience vivid dreams. You may find that decisions come easily to you - your subconscious has made up its mind. Pay attention to chance - opportunities may come up and you should take them. Occasionally you may feel overwhelmed in which case contact me and we can go through simple grounding work to help you move through this. 

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Fees and bookings 

I can run sessions on a one to one basis here in Leicester. I also run monthly sessions at The Space to Breathe Collective on Rawson Street near Leicester station - these are bookable through eventbrite, through the S2B booking page or by contacting me - this will save you the booking fee.  If you have a group of people I will travel through East Midlands to deliver sessions - please contact me to discuss terms. I am available for Festival workshops. Discounted places are always offered for low income and other facilitators. 

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