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SoundPractice Coaching

What is Coaching and how can it help you? 

In a coaching session we will identify aims for the coaching period and goals for each session. We will look at your current situation and identify small steps to move you towards your goals and strategies to help you on your journey. I use active listening and questioning to help you make decisions. 

I have successfully coached leaders to help them identify priorities and make changes for their business and worked with individuals to help them develop and move forward careers and make different life choices.  

I recommend a block of six weeks with one session a week but this can be adapted depending on need. Rates for this reflect the training undertaken and the industry standard and are £50 an hour. I offer a reduction to £250 for a six week block with no refunds if you cancel a session but full refund for that session if I need to cancel. 

Please use the contact me page to arrange an initial free consultation to see if I can help you. 

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